Sheep Casings
    • Sheep and Lamb casings are the highest quality meats narrow.
    • They are very elastic and withstands all the drawing process and bound.
    • They are transparent casing which gives the sausage a better appearance and depending on their origin are white or color can be a little grayer, but the color does not mean lower quality, but it has to do with the type of grasses has eaten the animal and country of origin.
    • The choice of a caliber or the other depends on the type of sausage you want to make.
  • With respect to quality, 1st quality casings are commomly used to stuff “Frankfurt” where used “fine paste” sausages. AB and B grades are used in most cases, to make sausage “thick paste”.


Tripa cerdo
    • Hog casings are ideal for fresh and smoked sausages wider.
    • By his strength and elasticity allow greater filling pressure and subjected to processes such as cooking and drying.
  • The hog casings can be used for the production of large amounts of products, for sausages and / or blood sausage used thin casings of the hog, while for others such as sobrasadas, salami, salchichón, using the thick part of the intestine.


Tripa cerdo
    • There are thin beef casings, which are used in the preparation of sausages as the Imperial, sausage Vela, Sarta, … sausages that undergo a drying process and to prepare pudding, where the casing is subjected to cooking processes.
    • Depending on the product we want to make use a certain caliber and quality.
    • Second, There are beef middles and beef rounds, which is used primarily for pudding and its extra-wide sizes loins..
 López Roda Casings