The production center is located in the free zone of Alexandria in Egypt. To have our own workplace allows us to control all the production process of the casing and in this way, satisfy the requirements that we have set, meeting the needs of our customers . All staff are specialized in casings manipulation and are responsible for all work performed.

RODA CASINGS COMPANY was founded in 2007 from the idea of advance and growth of David and Sebastián López.

Contacto Tripas Lopez Roda The natural casing are a complex product and just producing from the best raw materials allow make a standardized product giving our customers the regularity they need and allowing us make a continuous quality control in the whole process. CASING COMPANY RODA has a total area of 3200 m2 with a construction of 1.750 m2 with two separate workshops specially, one for the production of sheep casing and the other for pig casing. Everyone knows the turbulent times through which Egypt has passed and that stopped our activity in this workshop until this year. Now we want to reach in the near future the entire production capacity of our center. Being able to reach production of 40,000 sheep hanks and 50,000 pig hanks per month.