• Our handling and selection processes are very demanding. The search, selection and procurement of the product that is able to satisfy 100% the expectations of our customers is our top concern, and only natural casings allow them to produce the best sausages because of its special qualities: Natural casings for its qualities of elasticity, permeability and resistance provide important values ​​for inlays, appreciated by both the manufacturer and the consumer.
  • 1.- Thanks to its permeability, smoke penetration is complete and allow the gradual drying of the product.
  • 2.- Let the sausage “breathe” enhancing the aroma and keeping the most fresh and juicy sausage.
  • 3.- Retractibility: the casing accompanying sausage taking shape, ensuring your presentation.
  • 4 .- The natural casing protects the flavor and enhace it becasuse when the sausage is cooked, the flavors of the condiments and meat are blended.
  • 5.- Excellent elasticity and strength characteristics, necessary to withstand the pressure of the stuff and making possible to get maximum results to the manufacturers.
  • 6 .- The consumer gives great importance to traditional values ​that the natural casings provides.